Want to Celebrate Holi in an Untroubled Way? Here Are the Tips

Holi is a religious Indian festival. It is celebrated all over the country with zest. It is one of the liked festivals that foreigners are crazy about. This festival falls on the full-moon day of Phalguna. The Holi celebration includes playing with the dry colours, water-filled balloons, exchange of Holi gifts and sweets and much more. Firstly, people lit up a large bonfire that is known as Holika Dahan. Behind the tradition of Holika Puja, there is a story.

It is the story of Hiranyakashyap and his son young Prahalad. In ancient India, there was a demon named Hiranyakashyap. This cruel king had a son named Prahalad who was a Lord Vishnu’s devotee. The king hated this fact that his son disobeyed his father’s wish and chanted the name of Lord Vishnu. To kill his son, Hirankashyap asked his sister Holika to help him. It is believed that Holika was immune to fire. So, Hiranyakashyap planned to burn Prahalad.

He asked Holika to sit in Fire by taking Prahalad in her lap. Prahalad recited the name of Lord Vishnu and got blessed. This saved his life and Holika burnt to death. To celebrate the triumph of goodness, people gather and do Holika Puja. Irrespective of nationality, caste, or religion, this festival is celebrated and enjoyed by everyone. People smear colour (Gulaal) on each other.

Tips to Celebrate Holi Differently


The style of celebrating Holi varies from one individual to individual. Few people like to have a grand celebration like music, food, DJ, Dance, etc. Whereas some feel like celebrating with family and have personal time. It depends completely on your choice. If you’re thinking about how to celebrate Holi 2020, here some ideas to make this Holi special.

• Organise a Get Together for Holika Dahan And Celebration


Holika Dahan is basically lighting of the bonfire. People perform the parikramas around the fire and pray. Along with tradition, this ritual has numerous benefits. The Holika Puja is done with numerous items like coconut, flowers, camphor, turmeric, and many more. The burning of these things kills the bacteria causing health problems due to weather change. Chanting the mantras and eating sweets and getting blessings is a great way to have fun with family and friends.

• Prepare Homemade Sweets to Make the Festival Sweeter


Bringing the sweets from the market is common. You can make the Holi special and sweeter with the homemade Holi sweets. You can prepare gujiya yourself and amaze your family and friends with your cooking skills. Gujiya is a sweet that is in dumpling shape. It is made with maida /suji and has the stuffing of dry fruits and sweetened khoya. If you are worried about the shape, you can buy the mold from the market and make delicious gujiyas for Holi.

• Celebrate Holi at Old Age Home


What could be a better way to celebrate the festival with the elders and getting their blessings. There are several families that resort to putting the elders in old age homes as they are unable to take care of them. These elderly people miss their families at festivals. You can visit the old age home with some colours and sweets and celebrate the festival. It would make them happy and give a joyful experience to you also. Moreover, you would get their blessings also.

• Make Holi Colours


In the market, you would find a variety of colours. However, you are not sure about the quality. To stay sure about the quality, you can prepare your own Holi colours. It is a great way to celebrate Holi with chemical-free colours. You can use the marigold flowers, gram flour, sandalwood powder, turmeric, etc to make the colours at home.

• Send Holi Gifts to Your Family and Friends


The gift makes everyone happy. With this wonderful gesture, you can make your loved one’s day bright. Whether you are sitting in the same city or staying far, you can express your love by sending a token of love. Box of chocolate, water gun for kids, pack of dry fruits, etc are some of the best options. If you wish to give something special, you can opt for a customised gift.

You can send Holi personalised gift to someone special and bring a beautiful smile on their face with a thoughtful gift. If you are worried about finding a gifting portal for buying personalised gift for Holi, OnlineDelivery.in is the right place. Here, we provide you a variety of personalised gifts. According to your choice, you can select the product and customise with the Holi pictures to make a special gift. It is a great idea to make your loved one’s Holi 2020 memorable.

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