buy personalized cushions and pillows online

Personalized Cushions and Cover online

Personalized Cushion is the best gifts to memorized in the heart of your friends. When he/she is going to sleep in photo pillow, they will remember you and feel happy. Buy personalized cushions and covers online with our gifts store. We have lots of variety of all kind of cushions and covers in all size.

For Joy and Comfort

Cushions are the perfect partners when watching a movie at home and they also stay with you when you are sad and just want to hold on to something. Send customized cushion to India online so that the person you love does not feel alone. Be their reason for joy in their good times and their comfort on their bad days. Buy photo printed cushion online with a memorable picture that would brighten up their day. These cushions are very personal gifts and convey your deep emotions for the person you value very much.

Beautiful and Attractive

There is no doubt that personalized cushions and pillows are intimate gifts that you should definitely gift your partner. Design them in a way that expresses your feeling and thoughts for that person and invokes in them more love for you.


  • A Heart Shaped Pillow Personalized with Photo is a great romantic gesture.
  • Personalized Cushion with filler is a good option for everyone. There are options for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Personalized Cushion.
  • For those who like to go for something extra ordinary, we have the Six Star LED Cushion Pillow Personalized with Photo.
  • A set of Five Doraemon Cushion Pillow Personalized with Photo is a terrific choice for kids.
  • As you can see, there is no dearth of beautiful and attractive options when you are shopping with us.


Ease of Delivery


We don’t only bring a whole lot of options for you but also deliver them to wherever you want to send them to. We provide delivery services to more than 750 cities in India. Now you can send photo printed cushion online without any hassles with Online Delivery. You know that you are at the right place when you get all the services that you require and we are confident of doing everything for you.

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