How Can You Propose Your Office Crush This Valentine’s Day?

How Can You Propose Your Office Crush This Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love and romance with the love of your life. This is why Valentine’s Day is regarded as the perfect time to express your feeling to your office crush instead of holding those feelings in your heat only. One could propose your crush with romantic Valentine’s Day gifts, but it is recommended to check for the signs that your crush is into you too.

One could read signs from your crush like responding with a romantic gesture, feeling comfortable in your company, and likes to spend time with you, do not feel afraid of being seen together, and makes you as the priority.

After being sure about these signs that your crush also feels the same for you, you could move towards the next step safely. Following are the romantic and creative ideas to propose your office crush this Valentine’s Day-

Say It with Cake

Valentine Cake

You could order a ravishing cake and express your feelings on the cake like what you want to say to your crush by writing a romantic sentence for her. You could easily find a wide range of delicious cakes online ranging in flavour, size, design, and taste like rose heart truffle cake, 2 tier flower design cake, and many more. It is recommended to order a beautiful cake, keeping in mind the taste of your crush, and the sentence is crisp and romantic.

Say It on the Date

Couple Date

The most preferred and ideal way of proposing your crush is by asking her for a date and taking her to a romantic and private place. You could plan the evening by booking a table in a five-star hotel and making all the necessary arrangements in advance like soothing music in the background, lights to set the perfect vibe.

You could give Valentine’s Day gifts like a bouquet of red roses with a teddy bear, customized coffee mug, etc. to her. Then you could take her for a long drive and express your feelings by going on the knees.

Say It with Flower

Valentine Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day flower has a lot of meaning as white roses signify charm, pink roses mean appreciation, red roses signify adoration, and yellow roses signify remembrance. So, one could gift her different coloured rose each Day during Valentine’s week by attaching a romantic note for her. It is recommended to order the flower according to the occasion like the red rose on Valentine’s Day.

Say It through Romantic Things


Best Romantic Couple

You could try something different by doing little romantic things throughout the day instead of doing one big thing for her. You could give small hints to her that excite her throughout the day, help her in office work that would set her mood happy, and make her feel special.

Finally, take her for a romantic candlelight dinner under the stars, gift her some romantic Valentine’s Day gifts like a bouquet of chocolates with a cute teddy bear, and express your feeling over there. This would be the most mesmerizing and serene way of proposing your crush.

Say It with a Personalized Gift


Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are always liked by everyone and the best way to showcase your feelings to your crush. You could order a customized cushion, coffee mug, t-shirt, etc. having a cute photo of both of yours. You could get your favourite moment printed on these things. This would make your crush feel how deep your feelings are towards her.

This would make her feel special and set all the perfect vibes to propose her and expressing your feelings towards her.

Say It with 7 Day Gifts


As we all know, Valentine’s week starts with a rose day on 7th Feb and continues till 14th Feb. You could order Valentine’s Day – 7 Day Special Gifts via online sites like a cute teddy for teddy day, a bouquet of chocolates for chocolate day, and so on.

So, you could make your crush feel special on each Day and finally propose her on Valentine’s Day. This would be a unique idea to propose your office crush.

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