Significance Of Lohri And Why You Should Know About the Lohri Festival


India is a ‘land of festivals’. People belonging to different castes, religions, and ethnicities live in the country in peace and harmony. In fact, every festival is celebrated in India with a whole lot of enthusiasm and zeal. Lohri is a very popular festival in Northern Indian especially in the State of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh.

People of all age groups whether old or young celebrate Lohri with utmost joy as well as fervor. Lohri falls on the 13th of January every year. This is basically a day before the festival of Makar Sankranti. This day is supposed to mark the end of the harsh winter season as the sun changes its direction. So, a period of longer days and shorter nights commences post-Lohri.

On this festival people light bonfire in the evening/ night in their garden, terrace or even outside their house and dance to the beats of dhol and drums with their friends and family. Songs in praise of Agni devta are sung where the God is thanked for giving us heat and ending the chilling cold.

Making Lohri Special with Amazing Gifts


Lohri Gifts

No festival can be deemed complete without gifts. Lohri gifts are unique as they comprise of items such as roasted peanuts, dry fruits, revari (this is an Indian sweet which is prepared from sesame seeds, sugar, and jaggery), our peanut chikkiKaju barfi, etc. These days you can easily send Lohri gifts to India to make your presence felt to your special ones. Although the way how people celebrate festivals has changed drastically over the years, yet the essence stays the same.

People who have just got married or who have just had a child, Lohri is believed to rope in luck and contentment for them. This auspicious festival is all about bringing happiness, laughter, and bliss in life.

Significance For Agriculturists


Lohri holds a lot of importance for the farmers and the agriculturists. It marks the onset of the harvesting season in Punjab. As the sun changes its course, it is time for farmers to reap the benefits of their months of hard work and toil. So, this time of the year, it is special for them as they cut their produce which is primarily wheat and then they sell the same in the market to earn money for the coming months.

This festival is regarded as a symbol of renewal. It is time to pray for peace and plenty. Lohri is a period of a lot of bonhomie for agriculturists. As they sit around the holy fire, they chat, sing, exchange pleasantries and wish for the prosperity of all who are around and their family.

Saluting the Sun


Sun holds a huge significance in our lives. In fact, it is regarded as the life-giver. Traditional songs are sung in praise of Sun God so that the darkness never enters our lives and fertility continues. Sun is the beacon of hope and light for all. So, on Lohri Day, Sun God is prayed for giving everyone warmth and heat and for destroying the evil spirits. The winter solstice is a sign that new rejuvenated sun will be there.

Time of family reunion and celebrations


Lohri celebrate with family

In today’s hard-pressed time, it is impossible to meet everyone every other day. Lohri is the day where all members of the family come together for celebrations. So, those who have a big family, it is time for reunion and a lot of catching up. Everybody prepares something and brings in. So, there is an opportunity to try out different dishes and cuisines apart from the regular North Indian food. Enjoy new foods and exciting recipes on this special occasion and earn huge praise and appreciation from members of your family. Eating together binds the entire family and brings everyone together.

Playing games and distributing Lohri goodies- A lot of people plan interesting bonfire games that all family members can easily play. This can be a whole lot of fun and will leave everyone with memories to cherish for a lifetime. Interesting Lohri gift bags can be prepared and anyone who attends Lohri celebrations will be given these goodies. This is a fantastic idea and will a new dimension to your Lohri celebrations. Now, it is possible to send Lohri gifts to India online by logging on to

Playing Lohri Games and distributing goodies

So, these are some of the reasons why people celebrate the lovely Lohri festival. It is vital to know about the significance of each festival so that it can be celebrated to the hilt. This helps to get into the real feel of the festivities. Only when the reason behind something is lucid can a person give his/ her hundred percent to it.

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