Understanding Green Diwali And Tips To Celebrate The Same

Diwali is a festival of light and joy. Every corner of India celebrates this festival with much enthusiasm. Illuminating the surroundings with colourful lights, distributing Diwali gifts among friends and relatives, lighting the crackers are some of the integral parts of this festival. This festival also symbolizes the triumph of goodness over the evil, knowledge over vigilance, light over darkness, and hope over despair.

Diwali is a festival for all and should be observed, keeping the safety and joy of everyone in mind. It has to be kept in mind while celebrating the festival that no individual or animal should be harmed or put to discomfort in the name of celebration. Here comes the true essence of the word Green Diwali. A Diwali celebrated keeping the surroundings undamaged is called a green Diwali.

With rising global concerns about pollution and ecological balance, people have become more aware of the use of crackers and other harmful items that produces malicious greenhouse gases choking the environment severely. Studies have revealed that during Diwali, the firecrackers produce a substantial amount of air pollution and sound pollution that adversely impact nature in the long run as well.

Therefore, observing Diwali in a manner so that it does not hurt the environment has become all more important these days. There are ways through which the same enjoyment can be maintained without affecting the natural world. Let us know the safer and eco-friendly ways of celebrating a green Diwali.

Use Earthen Lamps And Diyas

Diwali is surely the festival of lights. But electric lights can be harmful to nature. Electricity is produced using some of the non-renewable resources of the world and therefore must be preserved and used carefully. Moreover, the tempting Diwali decoration LDE lights are produced with low quality plastics that add up to the global plastic waste once the festival is over.

To illuminate the houses and the surroundings, using the earthen lamps, Diwali diyas and candles would be the best idea to celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly manner. After the use is over, these earthen lamps can be disposed of without any fear of adding up to the global garbage as earthen lamps are completely biodegradable.

Natural Rangoli Colours

Colourful and resplendent rangolis are an integral part of the spirit of Diwali. However, the colours are generally made of chemicals that cause harm to the environment. As far as observing a green Diwali is concerned, the celebration must not become a source of damage to the environment in any way.

Therefore, using natural colours instead of chemical colours would be a smart idea to make the festival spirit more sustainable. For an experimental look, you can also try the flower petals of different shades to fabricate the rangoli. This will not only lend the art a fresh appearance but also help it get blend with the essence o the festival.

Jute Bags For Shopping

Shopping in Diwali is a big deal for everyone. Buying new clothes, new shoes, new ornaments, and ordering some Diwali gifts online is essential during the festival season. However, when you go shopping in the physical market, it is best if you can carry a few jute bags along to bring home the items bought. Or else, the shops might provide you with their plastic carry bags which are surely not friendly for the environment.

If you wish to keep the festival green in every sense, use jute bags that are considered biodegradable and nature-friendly for shopping as well and contribute to the health of the surrounding this Diwali.

Biodegradable Plates And Glasses

Receiving guests at home in numbers is common during any festival and particularly during Diwali. No festival is complete without these reunions and get-togethers of families and friends. However, if you are going to serve food and beverages to your guests, try using the biodegradable crockery instead of opting for the most popular plastic plates. This small initiative can be a lot helpful in making a big difference to keep up environmental health.

Stay Away From Bursting Crackers

Firecrackers that produce lots of sounds and harmful gases should be avoided in every way possible. Diwali is never a festival of sound or smoke; it is a festival of light. The light of Diwali should be bright enough to illuminate every living being around us. Therefore, avoiding the firecrackers will ensure that no one will suffer from the crackers of the joy of the other.

There are plenty of ways in which you can make a difference in your surroundings. These little efforts taken together can change the world around us and replenish the damage already done. You can celebrate this Diwali in an eco-friendly manner and contribute to global happiness your way.

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