Valentine’s Day 2023: A symbol of Love/History

Everyone likes to spread love or feel the way of being loved. For that, a special day called Valentine’s day is celebrated every year on the 14th of February. It is like a festival for lovers to celebrate romance, friendship, and admiration. On this day, the strangers try to express their love, and the lovers fall in love more with each other.

People usually send greeting cards, love messages, and show love and affection to their partners, friends, and family. Couples spend time together and honours their love for each other.

History of Valentine’s Day:

Mainly, valentine’s day is also known as St Valentine’s day because of its naming after St Valentine. He was a Catholic priest who lived in Rome around the 3rd Century. For these many years, several stories have evolved about it.

Eventually, the church in which St was the priest was determined to stamp out the remaining paganism. For this stamp out, a pagan fertility ritual was held in February every year and later known as a festival on 14th February. Afterward, the poet Chaucer linked this festival with romance and love.

This link was the beginning of a tradition of love, affection, admiration, and a ritual of expressing love by giving Valentine’s wishes with flowers bouquet. Within years, the custom spread throughout Europe, and historians named it a gathering to read love poetry and play a game of flirtation.

Celebration of Valentine’s Day:

Valentine’s day is a symbol of love and is recognized all over the world. Before the day of valentine’s, people start to celebrate valentine’s week. This week begins from 7 February and lasts till 14 February i.e., valentine’s day.

On the days before valentine’s week, lovers keep the particular day for expressing their feelings. They exchange gifts, teddy bears, cards, flowers, and other symbols to express their feelings towards each other.

Thus, spread, confess and wish love on lovers’ day by making it memorable and delightful on.

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