Ideas to Make First Holi Special with Your Husband

Holi is a beautiful festival of colors. It marks the victory of good over evil. On this special day, people rise above their feeling of hate and detestation and become friends again. Holi Cakes are distributed to celebrate camaraderie and happiness. There are so many different ways of how you can make your first Holi extraordinary for your husband. In this article, we will tell you about all such ways how to make this vibrant festival all the more special.

1. Be the perfect hostess- You can organize a nice Holi party for friends and family. It is recommended to play with Holi color as gulal smeared faces look beautiful and nice. Holi party is an opportunity to bond with people around. Greet everyone nicely, so that they feel welcomed. Holi parties are not complete without Bollywood Songs. Bhangra mixes are played by DJs and they set the mood rolling.

2. Organize Phoolon Wali Holi- This is one of the most beautiful ways to play Holi. Fragrant rose flower petals are showered around. In order to enhance the feeling of festivity, people dance to the sweet and loud beats of drums. In this kind of Holi, men dress as Lord Krishna and women play the role of his consort Radha. If you organize Phoolon wali Holi it will add another dimension to this festival. Keep delicious Holi sweets so that people who attend have a lovely time.

3. Stay Prepared- Holi is a festival where everyone lets themselves loose. A kind of craziness and madness seems to envelop all. Besides throwing color on each other some people even throw buckets of water. They make use of water guns popularly referred to as pichkaris to shoot the colored water. So, it is better to be prepared so that you do not have to repent later on. Put coconut or almond oil on your entire body so that the Holi color does not have a harmful effect. Wear clothes that are slightly used so that you are not worried about them getting spoilt. In case you have sensitive skin, use a protective cream.


4. Do Not Go Overboard With Drinks- Holi is a festival that is synonymous with fun. But, then it is recommended to go easy on drinks. Do not mix alcoholic drinks as this can lead to a bad hangover later on. In case you are serving ‘Bhang’, then it is better to inform everyone to be a little cautious. Bhang is basically an edible mixture of cannabis buds, leaves, and flowers. It is specially served on the Holi festival as it builds up the feeling of euphoria. But, in some cases, it can lead to panic and fear.

5. Wear Artificial Jewellery- After wedding women usually wear real jewelry as a sign of status. But, on Holi, it is better to wear artificial jewelry so that you do not get troubled even if it gets spoilt. Sometimes the color reacts and this can damage the jewelry. Also, wear things that are light so that movement is not inhibited. A lot of people wear oxidized earrings and bangles as they look stylish and trendy.

6. Create Innovative and Interesting Invitations–  Holi is not at all a formal festival. So, you can take the liberty of creating some fun and unique invites. Use your creativity and add an element of excitement and thrill in Holi invitations. You can call people and tell them about the theme of the party. If you want to keep it casual you can just circulate WhatsApp messages. Build up a special Holi WhatsApp group so that people get into the mood before they come to the party. Do forget to send party reminders a day or two prior to the party date.

7. Plan Bollywood Style Holi Party- This is an extremely glamorous form of holi! There is a theme, and then there is a rain dance party that is organized so that guests can have a nice time. There is an abundance of different colors arranged on a thaal. People pick up these colours and throw them on each other. People who attend such parties are given Holi sweets as a gift.

A wide variety of Holi gifts can be sent to your near and dear ones. Check for various unique gifting options. Affordable gifts in all ranges are available. Orders can be placed on the site at any suitable time. Everybody loves to receive surprise gifts from their near and dear ones. So, go ahead, celebrate this festival of love and happiness, and make it more special for your husband on your first Holi. Do not hold yourself back and immerse in the feeling of delight and bliss which you see all around.

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