Top 7 Places in India Where You Can Celebrate Your Holi In A Special Way

Holi is a popular religious festival that is celebrated throughout the country. This festival bids adieu to the winters and marks the advent of spring. At this time of the year, the fields are in full bloom. It is celebrated on the Phalgun Purnima of the Hindu Calendar. This festival comes mostly in the month of March.

Behind the origin of this festival, there are numerous mythological stories. It is associated with the immortal love of Radha and Krishna. According to Hindus Scriptures, the Holi celebration begins with the burning of Holika. Holika was a sister of evil Hiranyakashyap whose son used Prahalad used to chant the name of Lord Vishnu.

Hiranyakashyap was not happy with this due to which he tried to kill him with the help of his sister. But with the blessings, Lord Vishnu Prahalad was saved and Holika died that signifies the triumph of good over bad. The death of Holika leads to the tradition of Holika Dahan. On the next day of Holika Puja, people pay with dry and wet colours.

Best Places to Celebrate and Enjoy Holi

In different states, Holi is celebrated in different ways. Here is a list of seven best places where you can play Holi and get a wonderful experience.

• Shantiniketan, West Bengal (Cultural Holi)


Shantiniketan is a premier university. It is an old university in West Bengal. To relive the ancient tradition, Basant Utsav was introduced by the great poet and Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Till today that ancient tradition is followed as well as celebrated in matchless zest. The students at University dress up in colourful dresses.

• Goa




In Goa, the Holi festival is known with the name of Shigmostav. The highlights of this Mahotsav includes cultural dramas and parades (performance of troupes). The festivities begin with the prayers of gods and goddesses of the village. Most of the festivities are concentrated in Margao, Panjim, and Vasco. The scene of Goa Beaches becomes mesmerizing as they turn colourful with the gathering of tourists and localists.

• Anandpur Sahib, Punjab (Warrior Holi)


Sikh people celebrate Holi in their own style. The name Holi as Hola Mohalla that is celebrated at Anandpur Sahib. It is an annual fair that is held and celebrated post-Hindu Holi. Sikh Guru Gobind Singh was the first person who organised this fair to celebrate Holi. It is a three-day festival that includes exhibitions, kirtan, mock battles, poetry competition, display of weapons, etc.

• Udaipur (Royal Holi)

Holi is a major festival that is celebrated at a stretch for two days in Rajasthan. On the first day, Holika Dahan takes place in City Palace where The Maharaja of Mewar welcomes dignitaries, honourable guests, and foreign tourists. The following morning, the celebration starts with vibrant colours, laughter, and music.

• Mumbai (Modern Holi)

Being a film city, Mumbai is known for the star-studded Holi celebration. It witnesses the grand celebration by Bollywood stalwarts such as Bachan’s Holi, Yash Raj Studios Holi, RK Banners Holi, and many others. For the exhilarating celebration, you can visit the Babasaheb Thakre Ground. Here celebration includes rain showers, DJ, food, dance, exotic drinks, and much more.

• Hampi, Karnataka

The Holi celebration in South India is totally different from North India. People in Hampi gather in the streets to dance on the drum beats and splash colours. Along with the liquid and power colours, the celebration includes a loud riot of music. You can have a great experience by exploring the culture, natural landscapes, heritage, and much more.

• Barsana, Uttar Pradesh (Lath Maar Holi)


Barsana is the home of Radha. Lord Krishna used to go to Barsana to tease Radha and her friends. Ladliji Temple is dedicated to Sri Radha Rani where the celebration takes place. This Holi celebration in Barsana is known as Lath Maar Holi that lasts for two days. On the first day, the men of Nagaon (Village of Lord Krishna) travel to Barsana and tease the women.

The women of Barsana, chase and hit them with sticks. In this, men protect themselves through shields. On the second day, the women travel Nadgaon from Barsana to play Holi with the men staying there.

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