Spread Positivity and Happiness on This Holi Festival with Holi Gifts

India is a land of festivals. Festivals spread out a feeling of happiness and positivity. Holi is a popular Hindu festival that epitomizes the feeling of love, brotherhood, and fun. It heralds the arrival of spring after the harsh winters. One of the best ways to spread positivity and cheerfulness on this amazing festival is by distributing various kinds of Holi gifts. There are so many things which can be given to your near and dear ones to convey your feeling of care and concern.

Why Is Holi Celebrated?


Holi is celebrated to mark the victory of good over evil. It also marks thanksgiving for a good harvest. It is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalguna. On this day people throw color and water on each other. This is the way how they enjoy and have merriment. Loud music and drums are played to augment the feeling of festivity in the air.

On the day of this special festival, people forget their differences and come forward with the feeling of brotherhood and togetherness. Even if a person holds grudges against somebody, this festival marks the end of all negativity and disapproval.

Demonstrate your Love for with Holi Gifts


With Holi around the corner, everyone wants to send unique things to people that matter. Many things can be chosen as Holi Gifts. It is vital that you select the gifts which you want to give to your family and friends with a lot of consideration and thought. These days people go in for eco-friendly options as this shows their concern for the environment. Some of the popular gifts for Holi have been mentioned below:

1. Holi Colours- On the festival of Holi, people like to be soaked in color from head to toe. So, giving a hamper which contains packets of Holi color is a wonderful idea. These colors can be used to play at the festival. This is a simple gift but anyone who would get it would be really happy. Make sure you gift organic Holi colours so that no harm is caused to skin or eyes. Some people also gift perfumed gulal to boost up the thrill and excitement of playing Holi. Smearing color on faces of people you love is actually the true essence of this marvelous festival.

2. Personal Care Items- Personal Care items such as body lotions, creams, etc can be gifted at the festival of Holi. These are Holi Sweet gift for love. Even though they do not fall under the category of traditional Holi gifts, but these are extremely useful.

3. Flowers and lucky bamboo plant- Sending rose flowers to anyone is a very sweet gesture. But do you know that you can also send Lucky Bamboo plant? This plant is believed to bring good luck to anyone who gets its. In order to send the gift, just mention the name of the person and his/her address. Payment can be made via any mode that you select on the sire. You can even combine different gifting ideas so that your gift looks unique.

4. Water Gun- Water Guns are an appealing and useful thing to gift on Holi. From a child to an adult; everyone likes to play with a water gun. People fill these guns with colored or plain water as per their wish and throw the same on each other. Water Guns are available in different sizes. Some even come with an attached water tank that is used to store extra water.

5. Colorful Cakes- Colorful cakes in different flavors can be sent as a gift on Holi. From dry cakes to cream cakes, any kind of cake can be sent without any problem or hassle. Cakes are not very expensive and any person who eats the cake that he/ she gets as a gift will also feel nice and wanted.


Online stores are replete with wonderful Holi gift ideas. It is important to decide your budget and then make a search accordingly so that you do not end up wasting a lot of time. Holi Gifts can be sent to a person located in any part of the country. Check a huge variety of Holi gifts at OnlineDelivery.in. We offer attractive and affordable gifts in sync with the requirements of the buyer. Orders can be placed on the site at any suitable time. When people get surprise gifts, they feel elated and overjoyed.

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